Prevent return to opioid dependence with most effective treatment.
3-6 months implants
Mechanics of impact
Prodetoxone has a blocking effect on opiate receptors

The main active ingredient of the the medicine is naltrexone, which reliably blocks the opiate receptors of the brain for a long time. Due to the effect of Prodetoxone, narcotic substances (opium, heroin, methadone), analgesics based on narcotic substances and their surrogates cease to affect the human body.

Prodetoxone effectively blocks the feeling of euphoria from taking opiate drugs. It is also able to suppress the effects of alcohol on the human body.

Treatment of other addictions
Protexoxone also helps with other physical and psychological dependences (gambling, internet addiction), effectively blocking the opiate receptors
No need for continuous medication monitoring
Neither the patient nor his loved ones need to follow the patient's medication schedule. This greatly facilitates the process of dependence treatment.
No inflammation in the implant area
Prodexoxone contains a special corticosteroid, which protects the body from inflammatory reactions.
Convenient use, effective impact
Once implanted, Prodetoxone begins its action. It continuously enters the bloodstream, maintaining the required level of medicine concentration.
Effective comprehensive psychological and social rehabilitation
Guaranteed long-term remission from 3 to 12 months and more.
The newest form of Prodetoxone blocks the opiate receptors up to 26 weeks or more
New quality of the therapeutic contact of the doctor with the patient and motivation for treatment
Effective treatment of patients with opiate (heroin) dependence, alcoholism and other addictions;
A complete solution to the issue of monitoring compliance with the treatment regimen
PRODETOXONE is almost 3 times more effective than existing analogues, blocking the dependence for more than 3 months!
The effectiveness of Prodetoxone, in comparison with oral naltrexone, is proven by clinical trials.
The Prodetoxone treatment completely resolves the issue of compliance of the patient's therapy regimen.
Prodetoxone provides long-term remission unlike other analogues that block dependence for a short period of time
Prodetoxone provides long-term remission for a very competitive price compared to the existing medications
Expert Reviews
A.V. Kozlova

A.V. Kozlova


I started treating patients with Prodetoxone quite recently, previously using similar foreign analogs. My records show that remission occurs in more than 90% of cases. I hope that our scientists will not stop at this and soon we will be able to completely overcome the problem of drug addiction.

M.V. Petrov

M.V. Petrov

Addiction Specialist

Prodexoxone is really a new word in the treatment of drug addiction. I've been working as a narcologist for more than 20 years, I've always faced the problem of compliance with patients, I had to constantly monitor the taking of medications. Drug addicts are compicated people, they do not always give an account of their actions and, at times, stop taking medication, even the most conciencious patients. Subcutaneous implantation of the drug completely removed this problem.

  • Manufacturer
    Prodetoxone Producer is a pharmaceutical company NPK ECHO in Moscow (Russia).
  • Special instructions
    The drug should be used in specialized medical institutions under the supervision of the attending physician. Before use, liver failure should be excluded, and transaminases should be monitored periodically during therapy. During treatment, if necessary, analgesia recommends the use of non-opioid analgesics. When applying for medical care, it is necessary to inform health professionals about treatment with Prodetoxone. If side effects occur, the patient should consult a doctor.
  • Dosing and method of application
    The method of application is implantation into the subcutaneous fat tissue (preferably the anterior abdominal wall). Treatment of dependence should begin after 7-10 days of abstinence from drug use or after withdrawal from the withdrawal syndrome from another way of opioid detoxification.

    The length of the implant is 5 cm, it is inserted into the tissue through a small incision, after which 1-2 dermal seams of non-absorbable material are applied. Then a sterile sticker is applied, the change of which is made every other day with the treatment of the joint site with antiseptic solutions. Sutures are removed 7-8 days after implantation.

    If necessary, re-implantation is possible. The duration of treatment and the number of repeated implantations is determined by the attending physician.
  • Indications for use
    Indications for use are opioid dependence outside the withdrawal syndrome and rehabilitation and prevention of relapse addiction.
  • Pharmacokinetics
    Absorption and distribution: after implantation of a dose of naltrexone, its therapeutic concentration persists for up to 2 months. Metabolized in the liver, excreted mainly with urine and bile.
  • Pharmacological properties
    Prodetoxon is a combined drug with long-term action (up to 16-18 weeks) containing an inhibitor of the opiate brain receptors naltrexone, as well as a corticosteroid triamcinolone, which prevents inflammatory reactions. The drug effectively reduces and relieves the symptoms caused by the use of opioids. Long-term use does not cause dependence on the drug.
  • Tablets for PRODETOXON® implantation: a general description
    Tablets are white with a yellowish tinge, cylindrical, odorless.
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